My copywriting work, primarily with digital agency VML, has run a wide gamut from social media posts for Kleenex to in-app activations for Krispy Kreme to a large-scale interactive timeline for a hundred-year-old global consulting firm.  I've also helped out the folks at Gather with some corporate blogging, worked with WhatCounts on their email campaigns, and picked up fun small projects with Atlanta-based brands here and there, like Zifty and Beautiful Briny Sea.

Additionally, I've recently worked on several sponsored content features for both Refinery29 and Conde Nast's branded content teams, for brands like Olay, L'Oreal, Tresemme, Strivectin, and Clinique. The projects range from 1,500-word features to short, catchy video scripts, and have appeared on,,, and more.

Samples and details for all of the above, plus rate information, available upon request.