lime crime and the scary truth about product safety (refinery29)

When we asked the FDA how consumers can best navigate purchasing safe homemade cosmetics, they pointed us to lists featuring dozens of color additives and prohibited ingredients. This is all info that’s readily available to anyone online, but still, it’s a stretch to expect the average makeup buyer to remember whether, say, chromium hydroxide green or potassium sodium copper chlorophyllin are okay. Ultimately, in a perfect world, all brands would have exacting safety standards and obey the laws. Clearly, that doesn’t always happen — and in these scenarios, until the FDA steps in, the onus is on the consumer. MORE

face values: shop outside the big box with indie makeup brands (bust, june/july 2015)

Lady-owned indie cosmetics companies are popping up left and right, offering handmade, cruelty-free makeup with price tags, formulas and hues you’d be hard-pressed to find on the shelves of Sephora. Here are a few of our favorite indie cosmetics companies whose goods give the big brands a run for their money. MORE

how i cleaned up my makeup spending—by splurging on luxury brands (lucky)

Suddenly, I was Googling products before I ever came face-to-face with them in store. I was scrutinizing swatches, digging through forums, analyzing reviews, and test-driving each potential addition to my collection in-store. I was grilling sales associates on my potential purchases and mapping out my future acquisitions in advance. After all, I couldn’t justify spending $30 on one blush unless that blush was going to be a serious game-changer (preferably in a perfect hue, with excellent staying power and maybe some luxe packaging to boot). I was buying fewer cosmetics, using them all up and returning to the store so I could buy the very same products again. I was miraculously finding those ride-or-die products that I’d spent years aimlessly searching for. And, out of nowhere, I’d become just a little bit more mindful about the way I buy cosmetics.  MORE


For more than 60 years, Weeki Wachee, Florida has laid claim to one of the most curiously awesome roadside tourist attractions in the state: A subterranean theater where visitors can look directly into the crystal-clear waters of Weeki Wachee Springs and witness choreographed underwater shows performed by real, live mermaids. Decked out in shimmering tails, these ethereal sea-sirens perform impressive feats of athleticism, all entirely underwater (supplemented by perfectly timed sips from strategically placed air hoses). Needless to say, they’re pretty dreamy. And with the amount of time they spend underwater (and the fact that they’re, you know, actual mermaids), we have a feeling they know a thing or two about beach beauty. So, we chatted up three of Weeki Wachee’s subaquatic stunners—Cheyenne Bragg, Desiree Stookey, and Amanda Luter—for the scoop behind their pre-performance beauty routines, tips for keeping mermaid locks in good shape, and intel on which cosmetics wear well on both land and sea. It’s the closest you’ll get to beauty advice from Ariel. MORE

ten fragrances for tomboys (nylon

These days, both small-batch indie shops and high-end designers are thinking outside the gender binary, reaching for smoke, tobacco, wood, and more to create unisex scents that truly anyone can wear. If you happen to find the scent of vintage leather jackets and smoldering campfires more appealing than gardenias or lilac, read on. MORE

the complete guide to getting the best skin of your life, at every age (refinery29)

From the time we usher in puberty by popping our very first pimple, it becomes painfully clear how much our skin can change with age. What many of us don’t know is exactly what’s happening on a cellular level — and what we can do about it. From adult acne to sunspots and crow's feet, navigating the changes in our skin can be overwhelming. And, though we wish we could attain perfect complexions by washing our faces, slathering on moisturizer, and calling it a day, it isn’t that simple. So, we consulted the experts for their advice on how to keep up with your skin’s changes with the right techniques, products, and ingredients. Read on for our decade-by-decade take on how you can have the best skin of your life, at every age. MORE


If there’s one thing we’ve learned in adulthood, it’s that you should never be afraid to let your geek flag fly. Even — nay, especially — if it means rocking sci-fi-themed eye makeup or Lovecraft-inspired perfume. These days, more and more indie makeup brands are thinking outside the (big) box, offering awesomely quirky tributes to fantasy and fandoms in the form of handmade beauty products. MORE

8 beauty tools that will make your life so much easier (refinery29)

The year 2015: what a time to be alive. Emojis have allowed us to transcend language, dogs can finally talk, and delicious pancakes are just a Ctrl+P away. While we may still be waiting for our jetpacks and teleportation devices, the Internet has brought us some pretty awesome innovations — including several whip-smart tools to help us nail our beauty routines. Read on for eight genius beauty resources on the web, from a matrix of makeup duplicates to a sample-swapping platform. MORE

15 Bold Accessories for Badass Brides (Nylon)

The wedding industry is a powerful force. Aside from manifesting phenomena like monogrammed cocktail napkins and maid-of-honor-themed iPhone cases, it has also decreed that, on the day of your wedding, thou shalt wear ladylike shoes in soft hues, delicate diamonds and pearls around your neck, a frilly garter around your leg, and perhaps a demure cluster of rhinestones in your hair. Luckily, rules are meant to be broken. MORE

How To Wear Black Lipstick (Refinery29)

With grungy, gloomy makeup having (finally!) gained a foothold in the mainstream beauty industry, there’s no better time than now to embrace your inner badass. And, we’re pretty sure there’s nothing more fierce than opaque, black lipstick. In the season of the bold lip, a jet-black pout is the one to rule them all. MORE


Last year was an interesting time for skin care. We found ourselves looking to new products, unexpected ingredients (what's up, snail slime) and unfamiliar routines. Argan oil had its moment in the sun; Korean beauty products (and their formidable 17-step regimens) made their way into Western medicine cabinets; and as BB creams filled the shelves of drugstores and Sephora, it suddenly became easier than ever to sport SPF on the regular. That being said, it's a new year, so we wanted to see what 2015 might have in store for our skin. Here’s what these skin-care pros predict will be making it to our vanities and nightstands soon. MORE

This Matchmaking Tool Helps You Find Your Personal Beauty Guru (Refinery29)

Beauty bloggers are a dime a dozen — just type “smoky-eye tutorial” into YouTube and see what comes up. (Approximately 583,000 results, at last count.) But, despite the many thousands of makeup enthusiasts armed with cameras and Internet connections, it isn’t always simple to find an expert whose advice is actually relevant to your individual facial features. Ask anyone with monolids or hooded eyes to try out one of those aforementioned smoky-eye tutorials, and they’ll tell you: Beauty advice, no matter how much of it there is, is not one-size-fits-all. That’s exactly the challenge Frances Yun — a Harvard grad, entrepreneur, and makeup aficionado — set out to solve when she teamed up with a fellow beauty buff to create the Your Beauty Guru Match. MORE

How To Find The Sports Bra of Your Dreams in Four Easy Steps (WellATL)

If you possess two X chromosomes and have undertaken a form of physical activity at some point, you’ve probably also logged some time in fitting rooms attempting the exhausting gymnastics of trying on sports bras. And if you’re the average woman, it’s likely your level of affection for the humble sports bra falls somewhere in the lukewarm territory: at best, it does its job; at worst, it’s an excruciating device that requires Houdini-level escape artistry to get out of (especially after a tough upper-body workout). But lo! There actually are sports bras out there that keep everything in place (even during burpees) and — bonus! — don’t resemble ancient torture devices or straight jackets. Finding them just takes a little finesse. We chatted with Donna Burke, Director of Operations at Atlanta Activewear, for tips on how to find the right sports bra for you. MORE