Album Review: The Dead Weather, "Horehound" [Paste]

The gritty, filthy sex appeal that characterizes the Dead Weather’s debut album from the very first track surges and throbs throughout the entire record, as Jack White’s "supergroup" simultaneously lives up to the hype and defies expectations. MORE

Album Review: Free Energy's "Stuck On Nothing" [Paste]

Free Energy’s debut LP boasts all the youthful zeal of the first day of summer break: kids tumbling down the front steps of school, making a beeline for swim trunks, trampolines and sunburns while flinging homework papers high into the air. MORE

Soul Mates: Why ATL Is Head-Over-Heels For Ruby Velle [Scoutmob]

Name-dropping everything from '60s R&B artists to Dan Auerbach as musical inspirations in the same breath, it's pretty clear that these crazy-talented musicians are doing something rather unlike anyone else in the game. But even if you don't feel like donning your fancy music critic hat and attempting to identify each and every influence in their pedigree—and there are many—one thing's for sure: this stuff goes straight for the heart. MORE

Catching Up With Tortoise [Paste]

After recording and performing for nearly two decades, the members of Tortoise seem to possess a calm, slow patience not unlike that of the reptile with which they share a name. In a world of buzz bands and supergroups releasing multiple albums a year, these guys prefer to take their time and do it right. And at a rate of eight studio albums over their history of nearly two decades, that's exactly what they're doing. MORE